Wants and Needs

Is a triple latte with three pumps of chocolate and caramel drizzle a want or a need?
Most would agree—it’s a want. Finding the balance between pursuing
our wants and fulfilling our needs can create equilibrium in our lives.

An excerpt from Prem Rawat’s address in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Wants and Needs

Wants and Needs

By Prem Rawat

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There are needs—and then there are wants. There are needs—and then there are wants. The world today does not know the difference between “want” and “need.” What do people need?

They need fresh air. You need fresh air. Why? Three minutes without air—pfft—you will die. There’s a Rule of Three’s. Three minutes—not fresh air, you’re in trouble. You need clean water. Why? Three days without water, you will die!

You need warmth, shelter. Three hours—hypothermia—pfft—you’re dead. Not want—need. Three weeks without good food?—and you’re dead. Not want. Need.

Why is poverty bad? It’s because it does not give people access to what they need. That’s why poverty is bad, and the world goes, “What do people want?” What do people want?! They want everything!

And they want way too much! And if the world was focused on making sure that the need of the people was met, this would be a different world—truly.

The difference between want and need? That’s why there is hunger in this world. Because of the want, all the food that is actually generated is wasted. It’s totally wasted. Because it’s this want! The need?—this food would never go to waste!

So, in a human being, same way, what do you need? And what do you want? You need to feel good. You need to feel content. You need—you need—to feel the equilibrium. You need to feel the serenity. You need to feel the stillness. You need … just to feel good.

– Prem Rawat