Video stream from 5 day event at
Ivory’s Rock Conferences & Events

We’re pleased to announce more on-demand streaming videos of the 50th Anniversary Conference at Ivory’s Rock Conferences & Events, Queensland, Australia.

Recently, over 4,500 people gathered at Ivory’s Rock Conferences and Events, Australia to listen to Prem Rawat, world renowned Ambassador of Peace and to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of his relentless efforts for dignity, peace and prosperity.

On this page, you can access on-demand streaming video recorded by the TimelessToday team at Ivory’s Rock. We hope you’ll join us, and people around the globe, in listening to what Prem had to say during this very special 5 day occasion.

Accessing the videos is easy. Just select the day or days you’d like to watch from the list available on the right of your screen. You can then watch a short preview. Click the link at the end of the preview video to link to Vimeo On-demand where you can register and pay to watch the video. Each video is priced separately.

Want to watch it again? No problem. Just use this web page to access any video you’ve paid for, or access it direct on Vimeo. You’ll be able to watch as many times as you want over a period of 30 days from the date of payment.

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