Thought and Action

“We are responsible… for our thought! When our thought is clear…
so is our action—and so is the consequence of that action.”

An excerpt from Prem Rawat’s address in Cape Town | December 10, 2016

Prem Rawat on SABC News

Thought and Action

By Prem Rawat

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If action comes from thought, thought is changeable by nature. It is variable by nature. It can be influenced, and it can be changed at any time! Any time. Any, any given time, a thought can be changed—and there’s no trace of it.

If I’m going to steal something—and I go, like, “I think I’ll steal it”—and then I change, “I’m not going to steal it,” what have I done? I have not stolen! I … even though I had a thought, “I want to steal something,” I did not steal it, and therefore what really happened is, I never stole it.

We are responsible… for our thought! When our thought is clear … so is our action—and so is the consequence of that action. When that thought … emerges from understanding, emerges from light, emerges from knowledge—then the action also carries the attributes of that thought!

When that thought… is born of doubt, of confusion, of anger, then that action too, bears all the traits of the confusion, of doubt, of fear….

What have I seen in my life? I have seen darkness… that you could never even fathom. I have seen desperation that you cannot even imagine. I have seen confusion… that virtually has no bounds. I have seen desolation in a human being that would be hard… to speculate.

And I have seen joy… in a human being that would make the universe look small. I have seen wisdom! In my life I have seen wisdom… that is so huge, so big, so large, that it truly could encompass countless universes and beyond. And I have seen light in the eyes of human beings.

I have seen… the impossible made possible! And I have seen the very possible made impossible. I have seen courage—and I have seen the possibilities made real because of that courage.

So when I talk about… the fifty years of experience, this is what I’m talking about. Because, whatever happens in our lives, the consequences of our actions will affect us. We don’t want that; we don’t like that. We don’t want that to be that way. But that is one thing… that will never change; has never changed, and will never change.

And if you don’t understand your strength, your courage—then unfortunately, you will be weak; you will give in! Your thoughts will bear children… and these children that will be born could ultimately become the very cause of your demise.

Or, your actions, born from your strength, from your clarity, could be the children that you bear… that will ultimately be your partners in victory.

– Prem Rawat