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About the TimelessToday app:

Prem Rawat brings this timeless message to today’s world.

His TimelessToday app is the most convenient way of accessing and enjoying Prem’s content anywhere, anytime, whether you have just a few moments or more time on your hands. It’s free to install and use. Creating an account in the app will unlock extra features and is also free.

The app is already brimming with hours of free audio, video, and written content for you to enjoy, and it is packed with simple-to-use features and a very intuitive menu design. TimelessToday will offer additional free content regularly.

Very soon, we will introduce attractively priced, all-inclusive subscriptions giving you access to all our premium content including Themed and Interactive Events, LiveStreams & Replays, and more. You’ll be able to choose an audio subscription, or a video & audio subscription. Both will include all written content.

Future versions of the app will allow you to download free and premium content onto your device for off-line playback within the app.

Main features in Version 1.0:

Create a free account to personalize your app experience and unlock great features like making your own playlists.

  • Find the content you want easily and quickly with our simple-to-use search and navigation features
  • Browse content by topic and easily find other related media
  • Share content with others easily
  • Give feedback and add comments
  • Receive notifications anytime new content is added
  • Stay in the loop with news and announcements


for iPhone

for iPad

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