Understanding the Business of Life
by Prem Rawat

“Do you know who you are?

That may sound like a strange question, but your story truly begins when you can start to feel what is happening inside you.”

For centuries, storytelling has served to enrich cultures around the world. The treasures of a people’s history have been sent down the years through stories. With the publication of the award-winning Splitting the Arrow, Prem Rawat’s stories have addressed time-honored themes valued in the most diverse traditions.

Splitting the Arrow Audiobook

Read by Prem Rawat
Total playing time 1 hr, 30 mins.

Splitting the Arrow Hardcover

Available on Amazon

Hardcover, in a handsome gift edition with whimsical illustrations by artist Aya Shiroi.

Available on Amazon.com

Who better to give voice to these stories than the author himself? For the newly-released audiobook of Splitting the Arrow, Prem Rawat accompanies the listener through the entire collection of 11 stories. His unlikely array of characters – a resourceful coconut, a gifted archer, a forlorn pot with a hole and more – bring to life chapters that include Choice, Peace and Life, among others. The audio book also includes the author’s additional commentary and responses to questions from audience members at his live talks worldwide.

We hope you enjoy this new addition to Timeless Today’s growing library.

Total running time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

In this engaging work, celebrated Ambassador of Peace Prem Rawat weaves together stories and commentary to take the reader on an inner journey. The result is not only a deeper understanding of the business of life, but of oneself as well.

Whether you’re an executive seeking ways to invigorate your workers and ignite their creativity—or an individual seeking meaning and success in your own life—you’ll find much to reflect on here. At once simple and profound, Splitting the Arrow unerringly finds its target: the human heart.

Ted Levitt

The Audiobook isn’t just filled with illuminating stories and insightful commentary narrated by Prem. It also contains a question and answer section featuring Prem’s specially recorded answers to a range of queries. Here’s one as an animated audio.

Question from a businessman

Question from university student

Question from a parent

Question from inmate

Question from an office worker.


“Evokes rather than prescribes, fostering the kind of mindset that makes it easy for readers to sense, at a cellular level, whatever they need to understand in order to live their lives to the fullest.”

Mitch Ditkoff
President, Idea Champions
Huffington Post

“Without a strong inner foundation many people struggle to keep the learning process going in their adult lives and stop evolving. When that happens they lose the capacity to absorb new information and become better at what they do…. Splitting the Arrow very artistically and succinctly guides the reader on a path towards building and strengthening that inner foundation.”

Takano Noboru
Best-selling writer,
Hospitality expert, and former Regional Director of Japan Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, LLC

“This is a most important and timely book for each individual, organization, and indeed for humanity itself.”

W. Timothy Gallwey
Author of the international bestselling series of Inner Game books

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