“Bad action will not only hurt people around you but also hurt you. That is why it is so important to have thought that is good, that is clear, that is simple, that is beautiful—so the action that is born from the thought is also beautiful, also simple, also profound.”

About 46 miles south of Johannesburg, South Africa, is the township of Sebokeng, where Prem Rawat addressed an audience on December 9, 2016. Sebokeng continues to deal with the poverty and racial tension that persist in the prolonged aftermath of Apartheid. As news reports that gang violence is escalating and spreading, there is another story to be told. People in Sebokeng who are passionate about peace are on the rise, listening to the message of Prem Rawat. In the video of this event, he tells them, “You have to feel peace. Not think about peace. Because peace is not about thinking—peace is about seeing, knowing, feeling!” For a man struggling with his identity, who calls himself “the Prince of Suffering,” Prem demonstrates that only a lit candle can light unlit candles, and encourages him to discover the power of being a lit candle.

Written by Francisca Matos

Prem Rawat in Sebokeng, South Africa

Filmed Friday, 12/9/16
Duration: 00:31:49

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