Prem Rawat interviewed on South Africa Positive News (SA Positive News)

December 16, 2016 |

SA Positive News in South Africa is a media company with a different approach. As their name suggests, they cater to an audience looking for positivity in life.

After hearing International Peace Ambassador Prem Rawat speaking on the Joburg SAfm radio station, SA Positive News tracked him down and asked to interview him as well!

A lively discussion ensued, with topics including, “How does one lead a balanced life?” and “What is true prosperity?”

The interview aired was syndicated to university radio stations with an online audience of approximately ten thousand listeners.

Below is an article based on this interview, published the same day on their website.

Prem Rawat in South African News
Filmed Friday, 12/16/16
Duration: 22:01

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Prem Rawat in South African News

Barred from South Africa during apartheid for taking a stand against racism, International Ambassador of Peace and speaker Prem Rawat has returned to the country carrying his message of peace during South Africa’s 16 Days of Activism, international awareness-raising campaign.

Along with his message of peace, Rawat talks the Business of Life and emphasizes that it is the most important thing. “When life is not right nothing else falls into place. When you don’t feel alive, everything else just seems so static”, he says.

Asked about the importance of living a balanced life; Rawat says “Life will be balanced if those forces that throw it out of balance are removed. Life wants balance – there is a want for joy, there is a want for happiness. There is no limit on how happy we can be but for sadness, fear, pain, anger we definitely have low tolerance and that right there tells us something.”

Streaming video and downloadable audio to follow shortly.