Prem Rawat on South Africa FM News Radio

Radio host: Rowena Baird | South Africa’s leading national radio channel reaches an audience of over 11 million

December 10, 2016

Prem Rawat on SABC News

Prem Rawat on South Africa FM News Radio

by By Prem Rawat | Listen to the audio here

Duration: 13 minutes

There are 53 million people living in South Africa, the only country in the world that borders both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.  On December 8th, 11 million of these people had a rare opportunity to listen to a live interview with Prem Rawat on South Africa’s oldest radio station, SAfm.

The interviewer, long time-radio host, Rowena Baird, began the show with a bold declaration.  “International Peace Ambassador, Mr. Prem Rawat”, she explained, “was going to share some tips on how to eliminate violence through reconciliation, hope, and forgiveness.”  Bold, indeed, and timely, too.

Returning to a country that had blacklisted him for refusing to abide by Apartheid principles at his Johannesburg public event in 1972,  Prem was now being given a country-wide platform to share his message of peace.  Which is precisely what he did for 13 power-packed minutes.  Responding to Ms. Baird’s questions with his own unique brand of straight talk, storytelling, and humor, Prem laid it all on the line – especially in response to the last question – about his specific message for South Africans.

“You have the power,” he exclaimed.  “All you need is that determination. Don’t look at other people. Look at yourself.  From the strength of you – you can change a nation.”

Written by Mitch Ditkoff