“If we can make such a mess out of the earth,
if we have that much power,
then certainly we have the power
to bring peace.”


People ask me, “If you think peace is so simple, how come we don’t have peace in this world?” It’s a very important question.

Everybody has his or her own interpretation of what peace is. We don’t recognize peace as something that is as universal as the sun. We don’t recognize peace as something as essential as water and air.

A curious human trait: whenever we can’t find what we are searching for, we immediately start trying to define it. And the definitions we come up with then become our expectations of what we expect we will find.

In the absence of peace, we begin to define peace in different ways. Instead of coming together, people argue: “What is peace? How will peace be?” People end up fighting one another over peace.

Consider a simple principle: peace is a need that has to be satisfied, not in thought, but in the heart of every human being.


There are those who can give five, six, maybe ten reasons why there cannot be peace. I have seven billion reasons why there should be peace. This is the time when nations need to come together.

Remember, it is the kings and rulers in whose reign peace flourished who are considered the most successful. In their reign of peace, prosperity followed.

It seems to me if we create peace, prosperity will come right along, take the stage, and dance for everyone. These are not impossible dreams. These are realities that can be owned by all of us.

If we can make such a mess out of the earth—if we have that much power—then certainly we also have the power to bring peace. The question remains whether it is something that we want to do or not—because peace begins with every one of us.

It is individual human beings who desire peace. It is individual human beings who need peace. And it is on the stage of the heart, in each individual human being, where peace needs to dance.

This doesn’t require wishes but determination. This doesn’t require definitions but clarity. If we can go to the moon, it should certainly be possible to travel the shortest distance there is—from one person to his or her own heart, to feel the joy that exists in all of us.

Our measurements need to be for our similarities, not our differences. Then we can begin to lay the foundation for peace in this world. Not with exclusion, but with inclusion.

Determination, understanding, and clarity are the foundations on which this palace will be built.


We will benefit. Our future generations will benefit. And their children and grandchildren will benefit. This world can be a place they can proudly call their own.

I have a very, very strong feeling, if we really want this, it can be done.

“I have a very, very strong feeling
that if we really want this,
it can be done.”

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