“You are capable of knowing your self.”

As you are reading this, I hope you are well. But what does it mean to be well? For a lot of people, to be well means to be in good health. For some people, it means having a huge bank account or a long list of accomplishments.

I have walked into a garden and seen a rose bush in full bloom. It is beautiful and unique. It does not hide; it lets itself be expressed … through its bloom.

Human beings are well when we are blooming. This has nothing to do with age, your bank account or accomplishments. It is when the potential of who you are is being fulfilled that you are in full bloom.

You are capable of knowing your self, of realizing your potential to experience joy. And in this bloom there is gratitude. What if we were to make gratitude a reference point?

“I’m thankful for my life, for my understanding, and I’m thankful for you. I’m thankful for the sun, for the moon, for every single star that flickers. I’m thankful for the ocean, because that’s where I came from, and for the dirt, because that’s what I am made out of.”

When you hold a tiny little baby, and that baby looks at you and smiles, is it a protocol? “Oh, yeah, you’re my daddy. And I know that you’re going to be a good daddy to me. You’re going to buy me a lot of presents … so today, as an expression of pre-gratitude for everything you’re going to do for me, I give you a smile.”

When that baby smiles, it’s about true love, and true love is understood because it is felt.

We have become vocal about peace, but not feeling peace. We don’t appreciate what it means to feel anymore—to feel passion and to feel compassion.

In compassion everybody is the same. It’s not a question of female or male, or white, tan, black, green. Compassion is for everyone. If compassion is not there anymore it is because we are not the beings we used to be, those beings who were built to feel.

We measure time. Do we understand the value of the time we have to be alive? We should measure this: “How fulfilled am I today? How compassionate am I? How much peace did I feel today? How much did I bloom today—in every hour, in every minute, in every second?”

You don’t need a watch. You’ve been given the tool of feeling. You have a heart, and it is one of your greatest assets.

The only thing missing in humanity is the “human.” The time has come for humanity to become human.

We’ve gone to the moon, and that was a great accomplishment. We have gone to great depths in the oceans, and that was a great accomplishment. And human beings will continue to make remarkable strides. Yet, as far as accomplishments are concerned, it will not be bullets or wars. And it won’t be satellites, cell phones, iPods, and computers. It will be peace. Peace will be humanity’s greatest achievement.

“When he or she is in peace,
a human being is in full bloom.”

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