KNOW thyself. Even in your darkest moments there is a hope.

An excerpt from Prem Rawat’s address in Cape Town, South Africa.



By Prem Rawat

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When a human being takes interest in their life, when a human being takes interest in their existence, there is no more noble of an act than that. But the question becomes, exactly what does it mean to be alive?

Every day, we are faced with our challenges. We see somebody rich and we wish we were like them. We see somebody poor and we say, “Thank God I am not like him.” And it becomes this story—story of a human being who takes a look at everything else and judges himself or herself with everything else except who they are.

This is the problem today. The human beings are not looking at themselves; they’re looking at somebody else. Socrates says, “Know thy self”—not your neighbor, your car, your dog, your cat. No, “Know thyself.” (And one hopes that it is in a reference to something good.)

But we don’t. What have we become? We have all become believers. We believe, “One day…one day some miracle will happen and everything will be fine”—when this “fine-ness” is already happening inside of you right now. Even in your darkest moments there is a light.

There is a hope; there is a joy—and you don’t have to believe in this. You need to know this. And knowing yourself is understanding exactly that. Knowing yourself is knowing exactly that. Not believing that “in my darkest moment there is light”—but knowing “in my darkest moment there is light.” That’s the difference between believing and knowing.

– Prem Rawat