Kifubon Book Donation Event in Fukushima

A letter from Yutaka Kinoshita, President of Bunya Publishing

Dear Friends,

The autumn colours are now in their full glory in Japan.

In October 2016 Prem Rawat visited Japan for 10 full days packed with media interviews and exciting events. His two books Splitting the Arrow and The Pot with the Hole continue to gain momentum and acknowledgement.

In a landmark event at the Kyoto University of Art, Prem spoke to a full auditorium of over 800 students. A week long exhibition of Prem’s photographic art took place in the University gallery.

The students engaged enthusiastically with Prem’s discourse and on stage dialogue with the Deputy Head of the University, Professor Honma.

Here are a few comments from the students:

“Until now I was always looking at others and trying to please them. I thought that when I can keep others happy this will bring peace. I realized that peace is when I have a calm heart. It’s not about others, but it’s about me and I need to feel it for it to be real. I need to understand me.”

“Prem Rawat’s impressive speech resonated with my heart. I realised that I have to be the one that establishes my own peace.”

“I realised that understanding the self is the key to peace. I want to be more conscious of my life and discover the peace I have within.”

“What he said made sense to me. I understood that it’s about being thankful for the simple things everyday, the importance of my daily choices and the importance of knowing the self. I want to have a peaceful heart and be a beacon so that peace emanates from me and helps others to find their peace.”

One of the highlights of the tour was the Kifubon book donation event in Fukushima, which was organised by Bunya Publishing and The Wamon Foundation, whose founder, Mr Yabuhara, teaches Wamon, the Japanese art of deep listening.

The students of three elementary schools and their  parents came together in a school gym to listen to Prem and enjoy a special reading of The Pot with the Hole in Japanese and English. Some of the children attending were displaced by the 2011 Tsunami and nuclear disaster. They may never be able to return to their homes.

The children gave their impressions of the book and asked Prem questions.

Prem responded with his unique blend of humour and wisdom.

At the very end of the event a surprise announcement was made that all the children in attendance were to receive a copy of the illustrated book as part of the Kifubon project. The children cheered with delight.

This handing out of the books concluded a wonderful event and through the media present well over 650,000 people in Japan were able to hear about it.

The Kifubon project is really just getting started. It is in the process of being expanded around the world with major activities now being worked on for the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

We welcome you to be a part of sharing this message of peace and hope through this unique project.

You can donate copies of either book on Bunya Publishing’s home page:

There are still some signed leather copies of Splitting the Arrow complimentary with larger donations (60 books or more).

The Kifubon project hopes to make this wonderful and important message available to children and adults around the globe in order to create a culture of empathy and compassion.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all your support.

Yutaka Kinoshita
President of Bunya Publishing