Prem Rawat on Kaya FM 95.9

Interviewer: Bridget Masinga, host of Johannesburg’s Most Popular Independent Radio Station

December 6, 2016

Prem Rawat on Kaya FM

Duration: 29 minutes 45 seconds

For many years, Prem Rawat has been referred to as a “Peace Ambassador” by millions of people around the world – an impressive title for sure. But what does that title actually mean – especially since the word “peace” means different things to different people. And “ambassador?” That word also brings a lot of different images to mind.

In this upbeat, far ranging interview by the very animated Bridget Masinga, of Johannesburg’s most popular independent radio station, KAYA FM, Prem elaborates. And as he does, the listening audience of 1.8 million, gets an unexpected opportunity to think about the topic in a new way – that, in fact, we are all Peace Ambassadors – or could be – as long as our “lamp it lit” and we have a passion for it.

Written by Mitch Ditkoff