It’s Not About the Wrongs

What if we shift our perspective from looking at what is wrong in life to understanding what is right?

An excerpt from Prem Rawat’s address at Malmesbury Prison, Malmesbury, South Africa.

It's Not About the Wrongs

It’s Not About The Wrongs

By Prem Rawat

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Living life consciously, this is what it is about.

When you start living for other people, then it’s like, “Oh, he said that; she said that. This one said that; that one did this; this happened; that happened—oh my God, what’s going to happen now, and how dare he do this, and how dare he…?”

Somebody says something to you and you get mad.

But when you start to understand that you have a heart, when you start to understand that you are a human being, when you start to understand that you have this opportunity and that you are alive, you immediately are lifted from that hot boiling soup to where you say—what? “Thank you! Thank you, thank you for this life!”

Because as soon as you do, you feel the contentment. You don’t feel the nibbling of the teeth of the worries like ants all over you—always, always worrying, “What’s going to happen? What’s going to happen? What’s going to happen”—right?

You stop counting all the wrongs, and start counting the rights. How many rights have happened in your life, and how many wrongs have happened in your life? Do you know? Okay, let me put this in context for you.

I know there are quite a few bad things that have happened in your life. But every time you took a breath—that was good; that was right. It brought you life.

So, now that you know that every breath that you took was right, how many “rights” have happened in your life and how many wrongs have happened in your life? There have been a lot more rights in your life—and continue to go on.

But are you aware? Are you understanding; are you going with it; are you going with the right, or are you going with the wrong? Are you letting a little wrong stop all that that is right? And if that is the case, what’s going to happen?

You have to weigh the right and the wrong, good and the bad. You have to weigh. And there is a lot that is good. Embrace that; understand that. It’s the gratitude.

– Prem Rawat