In Perfect Balance

A human being is the perfect balance of 50% good and 50% bad.
The clarity of choice is the power that tips the scales.

Excerpts from Prem Rawat’s address in Selangor, Malaysia.

Prem Rawat was invited to speak at Taylor’s university. Students of the Peace Education Program, VIPs and faculty attended the event. A compelling interaction ensued as students posed their questions to Prem.

“Who are you? What are you?” When you hear that– “Do you know yourself”—what does that mean? Is it some definition that somebody’s going to plunk in your head? Is it going to be something that somebody sitting or standing behind a podium is going to lecture you on? It better not be. Because it has to be something you know, from the bottom of your heart—who you are. That you were given an opportunity to be alive.”

In Perfect Balance

By Prem Rawat

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When I first got the invitation for this event, my… you know, there was a little line there that said about the hands, the head, and the heart. And for me, that was very, very interesting—that an institution that is promoting education, giving education is talking about something so basic, something so fundamental.

So, I know what a head is—it’s right up here—and I know what hands are; I use them every day—and head too, try to. Sometimes it doesn’t work. But the question becomes, “What is the heart?”

And of course we’re here to talk about peace. But we also have to understand that the matters of peace come from that heart. That, when somebody says, “kindness is important,” that that has something to do with the heart.

So, what is that heart? I mean, obviously it’s not that physical thing that pumps because that gets attacks, gets infractions, you know, gets stents put in. So, I mean, it would very different to say, “Okay, that’s your heart.” So, what is the heart?

And I don’t stand here to be an expert on anything. But I can tell you that in each human being, every single human being—and when I say this, I mean it—is perfect. Every human being is perfect.

And now, what do I mean by that? And what makes them perfect? Because, fifty percent—exactly fifty percent of them is bad—perfection. And the other fifty percent is good. And that’s what makes you a human being.

So, there is the fifty percent that is terrible. And the good news is—that’s the bad news—the good news is that there’s the fifty percent that’s incredible. And that fifty percent is what peace is all about. That fifty percent is the goodness of every human being.

And where the heart comes in, over the mind, is the ability to choose that fifty percent “good.” Choose! It’s a choice! Do you know peace is a choice?

-Prem Rawat