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  • October 18, 2017
    Something Within
    Audio, Free, Humanity, Kindness, Paid, Video
    Something Within There is something within you that offers simple wisdom, that guides your actions to elegant consequences. Excerpts from Prem...
  • October 16, 2017
    Thirst, Peace, and Appreciation
    Audio, Free, Paid, Peace, Video
    Thirst, Peace, and Appreciation There is a fundamental link between being in peace and appreciating life. It is when you feel...
  • October 13, 2017
    The Breath of Life
    Audio, Balance, Free, Paid, Time, Video
    The Breath of Life We are not alive because of our capacity to think, everything is made possible for us...
  • October 11, 2017
    In Perfect Balance
    Audio, Balance, Choice, Free, Paid, Video
    In Perfect Balance A human being is the perfect balance of 50% good and 50% bad. The clarity of choice is...
  • October 9, 2017
    The Problem with Problems
    Audio, Clarity, Free, Paid, Video
    The Problem with Problems Problems may feel big or small. Fortunately, everything that's bothering you has bothered someone else before. Problems are...
  • September 29, 2017
    Life is on Your Side
    Audio, Family, Free, Paid, Time, Video
    Life Is On Your Side Even when it feels like everything is going against you, focus and understand that life is...
  • September 27, 2017
    The Mirror of Focus
    Audio, Contentment, Family, Free, Paid, Video
    The Mirror of Focus Whether you’re at work or with friends and family, every moment in time becomes more meaningful when...
  • September 25, 2017
    Where is Your Focus?
    Audio, Clarity, Free, Paid, Video, You
    Where Is Your Focus? In the story of the oil lamp we are reminded, what we focus on steers the...
  • September 24, 2017
    Essential Gratitude - Los Angeles, USA 2017
    Audio, Paid
    An Audience with Prem Rawat 8 Essential Gratitude - Los Angeles, USA 2017 Share Season Pass: $70 Access streaming...

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