Custodians of a Miracle

Are we fully aware of the preciousness of each moment of our lives?
The stage has been set for a beautiful dance,
what a tragedy it would be to have missed the show.

An excerpt from Prem Rawat’s address in Miami, Florida, USA.

Custodians of a Miracle

Custodians of a Miracle

By Prem Rawat

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You are the custodian of the most holiest of things there is in existence.

You’re the custodian of this incredible miracle that is the breath that is coming into you. You’re the custodian of this most beautiful of things called “knowing.” You are the custodian of this most profound power to be kind, of this profound power called “joy,” this profound power called “clarity.”

On this platform, who gets to dance? This is the stage. And you’ve heard that before, right, “The stage is set”? Well, guess what—the stage is set. Who’s dancing? Is consciousness dancing? Is awareness dancing? Is joy dancing? Is truth dancing?

Or indifference: “It doesn’t matter…”

Are you alive because you are, because you feel alive, because you know you are alive, because you understand what it means to be alive? Or merely a robot trying to blend in, to be a little bit like somebody else?

Don’t underestimate that. That’s very powerful. That’s what people do: they work very hard to look like somebody else, to be somebody else….because you never knew….

And this would be a gargantuan tragedy, beyond the Shakespearean tragedy: that you came; you were alive; you were with everything and knew little of all that you had.

Do you have to go one day? Yeah! Even that doctor who says you’ve only got two weeks, he’s got to go, too.

This is a wheel, and it goes around and round, and round, and round, and round, and it travels a lot!—but it doesn’t go anywhere. That’s one possibility that each one of us has. Yeah, we came—some remnants of us—a bone perhaps, a little card, a little something—and gone.

And “gone” is a very big word! Because according to the scientists, everything is going to be gone. Remember Einstein? He said, “Everything that can be created will be destroyed”? Since, hence this whole universe was created—ah, guess what?

And one day, it’s all got to pack up—the earth, inclusive; the sun and the moon, inclusive will be gone—(and not tomorrow or anything—billions and billions and billions of years yet). But all that will be gone.

Gone. So it seems the rule is: “Gone.” Pharaohs—gone! Civilizations—gone! The Mayan civilization—gone! The people who built the Ajanta and Ellora caves in India—gone! The builders of Taj Mahal—gone! Gone, gone, gone.

And that’s why it’s so beautiful—that right now, you are not gone. This is but a brief exception—a brief exception. And indeed, the most impractical has to be done.

However inconvenient it may be to keep reminding you of the importance of this time in your life, you have no choice. All of that other stuff will one day go away by design. But right now, the magic that is afoot is all about you.

That simplicity, that profoundness, that stage, that dance, it should be worth watching, not avoiding. It should be worth watching—watching, listening, dancing!—to the rhythm that is within you, not of a drum, but the rhythm of knowledge, the rhythm of kindness, the rhythm of clarity, the rhythm of joy, the rhythm of existence.

All the rhythms can end, but the rhythm of the breath, the day it ends, all rhythms end. And there, without doing anything, it comes, and it goes, and it comes, and it goes. And as the universe breathes as well, expands, contracts, expands, contracts—this expansion and contraction is also going on inside of you.

To be addicted to joy in your life: this is who you are.

– Prem Rawat