Be Free

The truth will set you free when it speaks to you personally.
True awakening comes from understanding your own might and power.
It’s a feeling beyond words!

An excerpt from Prem Rawat’s address in Wembley, England.

The Clarity is in You

Be Free

By Prem Rawat

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There is a word for truth that has nothing to do with the truth. There’s a word for peace that has nothing to do with peace. Because the real truth is the fact that you are alive. And when you understand that, absolutely you will be set free—because it is the truth.

This breath that comes into you is the most precious gift; the day you understand that, of course you will be set free—set free from all those weird chains that you bind yourself with.

To awaken. To be awake, not just from a sleep, but to be awake every single day. To see the obvious. To see, to comprehend what is real. To understand the meaning of “now.”

Because there are not too many people who are happy with themselves. They want to be something else; they want to be somebody else.

Because that’s what happens to us. Somebody else, somebody else, somebody else, somebody else, somebody-else-somebody-else-somebody-else-somebody-else, and all for the sake of being mighty.

But if you realize your might comes from your understanding of peace; your might comes from the feeling of that serenity inside of you; your might comes from inviting clarity every day to yourself, to the self: “Welcome!”

– Prem Rawat