A Strategy for Life

It’s not a question, “should you be happy, should you be sad, should you be this, should you be that.”
No, you should achieve your fullest potential.”

An excerpt from Prem Rawat’s address in Australia | September 23, 2016

A Strategy for Life

A Strategy for Life

By Prem Rawat

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This is it—this is my day! How many of you know about tomorrow and believe in tomorrow? Not one? Gee, how are you going to make your flight back home? No, no, we’re all believers in tomorrow. But look at it. You can wait for tomorrow all day long. And just when you will be the closest to tomorrow, at 23:59:59….

That’ll be as close as you can get to tomorrow, 23:59:59, twenty-three, (or, eleven fifty-nine, fifty-nine.) You know what it’ll become? Today. So you’re actually stuck in one long “today.”

And the most disgusting thing is, you have a strategy for tomorrow, but you have no strategy for today. So you’re reading the wrong map. You’re in Australia. You’re…you’re in Australia near Peak’s Crossing, looking at a map to go to the Brisbane International Airport and the map you have is of Los Angeles.

And you cannot find Brisbane International Airport. YBBN doesn’t show up on your map! And so now you question, “Is there actually a country called Australia? Is there really an airport called Brisbane? If it is, why don’t I see it?” This is what people ask me. “If there is peace, then how come I don’t already know? If it is in me, how come I don’t really already know?”

But that’s how it is. What you’re looking for is inside of you. But in your map, that’s not the map you’re looking for. So you find it’s not inside of you. So now, the whole thing of “believe” and disbelief begins. “Is there a God? Is there a heaven? Is there a hell?”

Yes, there is a heaven, but it’s here. It’s here, in your being. And yes, there is a hell! If you’re not in heaven, then guess where you are. There’s no neutral territories.

So, what’s your strategy? How are you going to tackle this? You know, I… to me, it’s not a question that – “Should you be happy? Should you be sad? Should you be this, should you be that?” No. You should achieve your fullest potential. Fullest potential. And in that potential you will realize that that requires for you to have peace. Without peace, a human being cannot achieve their potential.

And there is a desire, just like there was that desire, that thirst, the want to…to get up and to walk. It’s the same thirst to be fulfilled. But you cannot be fulfilled if you don’t have peace. Prosperity requires that you have peace.

-Prem Rawat