2017 Themed Events Audio Series

An Audience with Prem Rawat is a brand-new series of audio streams from his sell-out 2017 World Tour.

In conversation with a new host at each event, Prem explores different themes of self-discovery, as well as addressing burning questions from the audience.

Listen to Prem Rawat offer his unique perspective on the pathway to peace and how we can all reconnect with our essential humanity in the face of seismic global change.

Expressed as only Prem Rawat can, the answers lie within each of us.

There are two ways to purchase this content: A Season Pass (save $10 on the 8 event series) or purchase individual events…

Access streaming audio of all 8 Themed Events for $70

New for 2017. Season Pass holders pay once for access to all events in this series and save $10 over the individual event prices. You’ll receive automatic notification as soon as each Themed Event is added.

Access single event audio (Parts 1 & 2) for $10.

Timeless Breath – Brighton, UK 2017 is the third Themed Event in our ‘An Audience with Prem Rawat’ streaming audio series.

This content can be purchased individually or accessed with the Season Pass.

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