“Do you know your self?
Do you feel that your life is a gift?
Do you understand the preciousness of your time?”


When I was growing up we had a little Lhasa Apso dog, and he had a temper. One day, this dog was barking and barking. “Who’s out there? What’s wrong?” So we ran outside. And there he was, this little thing, in front of a mirror that somebody had left outside. He saw himself in the mirror, and he wanted to tear that other dog into little pieces. It was very funny for us to watch. It was like, “Doesn’t he know he is looking at himself?!” And the answer is, “No!”

That’s what happens to us as well, when we don’t understand the fullness of who we are. “I’m alive. So, big deal?” But it is a big deal, in fact the biggest deal there is.

Everybody has a story. What is your story? Right now the story goes: Once upon a time there is a human being. And this being has countless possibilities. No limits. And within all of our possibilities we can choose clarity or we can choose confusion. Both are in us. How much? Exactly fifty-fifty.

How much strength do we have? Exactly fifty percent. How much weakness do we have? Exactly fifty percent—not fifty-one or forty-nine. It’s fifty-fifty and you choose.

Do you know your self? Not the idea of yourself, but your “self”? In your life story, do you feel that your life is a gift—do you understand the preciousness of your time?

The breath coming in and going out of you is a miracle that takes place right under your nose. A little air comes into you, brings you something, it leaves and comes again. It is by the courtesy of each breath that everything is here for you.

Our life begins with the first breath coming in. How will our life end? With the last breath going out. Between the breath that came in the first time and the breath that went out the last time, there’s the story of stories. The only story you’ll ever know for sure, because it’s your story.

Things will change; you will change. That’s how it is. This story of life is played out on the face of this earth again and again and again.

What is unique? The choices you make. Some people say, “Oh, but I’m sick; I’m dying.” Well, you’re not dead until you are. That’s life. It is until it is no more.

There has never been and never will be anyone like you. This is your story. Write it well. Articulate it well. You are alive. Once upon a time there is a human being …

“You are alive.
This is your story.
Write it well.”

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