“Go outside, you’ll find fulfillment.
Go inside, you’ll find fulfillment.
Well, which one is it?”

Prem Rawat shares highlights from an extemporaneous address in Barcelona, Spain.

In this memorable audiobook, Prem Rawat speaks about the two forces so often at war within a human being. There’s the “good little soldier” that listens to what the world tells us we should be doing, and obeys. And there’s also that part of us—the heart—that marches to the beat of a different drum.

The good little soldier may seek worldly success; the other soldier, inner fulfillment. But do those two goals have to be at odds?

No, according to Prem Rawat, not if we understand the difference between outer fulfillment and inner peace. Through an audio odyssey that takes us through jungles and across oceans, he addresses the human being’s “unwavering thirst to be content” and to find the place within our selves where joy resides.

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